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Understanding Weather

Weather Report is a valuable resource junction for understanding the concepts related to the Weather and Meteorology domain. This website is dedicated to providing useful and first hand weather information to keep you updated with the basics of weather, weather facts and other relevant weather information.

Weather information is most essential part of everyday life since understanding weather facts can help us make our lives a lot simpler. Most of us would be tempted to remain informed about latest weather facts, basic weather constituents and how they affect human and other life forms. Some of us would want to acquire the very basic information on what is weather, how does rain occur or why do climatic changes happen at particular intervals? How does earth’s revolutionary path give rise to day and night?

Since we cannot alter the course of weather changes around us we thus need to acclimatize our bodies to the natural phenomenal changes existing in nature. The nature cycle is driven by strong energy forces that largely affect the core of human living. Nature exhibits extreme opposites in a lot of phenomenon such as floods and drought, winter and summer, night and day and more. Thus, Nature clearly balances LIFE.

We need to first understand certain weather terminologies to know what Weather means and how does weather really affect us. Atmosphere, Climate, Clouds, Sun, Water Cycle, Temperature Differences, High Tide and Low tides, etc are a few to name.

Atmosphere is one of the main concepts in Weather. Atmosphere is primarily a belt of air surrounding earth that absorbs all the harmful ultraviolet radiation and in effect supports all life forms existing on earth. Atmospheric air is a mixture of oxygen, carbon-di-oxide, nitrogen as major constituents and various other gases in fewer amounts. Exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere are the five layers that make the atmosphere. Out of these layers troposphere holds a greater significance from weather point of view as it contains about 80% of the total atmosphere and is closest to earth.

Every weather report predicts the climate of a stipulated area. Climatic conditions of a location largely influence the human life form existing there. Humans respond very promptly to extreme weather conditions. Any extreme climatic conditions can make it difficult for humans to survive peacefully. Weather is never permanent. Climate determines the type of weather in a particular place. Climate helps to determine whether a place has a hot or cold weather. Climate of a place depends on several factors such as distance from the equator and the place’s natural topography. In terms of weather reporting, Climate can be largely divided into 5 types – Cold, Cold temperate, Dry, Tropical and Warm temperate. The activities carried out by human beings can cause the climate to change over decades. The process being very gradual can have positive or negative effects.

Looking at the clouds the weatherman can guess the weather report for the day. Clouds for a normal human come in basically two types - white or grey. The white clouds tell us that weather is fine today while the grey clouds give us a sense of alarm of a possible downpour. Clouds are also associated with nature’s weather phenomena like thunders, lightning, hail, tornadoes, downdraughts, flash flooding.

Sun is life source. Lack of sunshine could cause the “winter blues”. We generally prefer a bright day instead of a gloomy one. Sun acts as a vibrant energy source for us to carry out our days activities. All body functions are stimulated by natural light entering through our eyes straight into our bodies. As the weather change becomes cloudy or gloomy, our body tends to become lethargic if sun is not shining onto it.

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