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Extreme weather conditions can impose a fatal threat to life forms existing on earth and shatter the peace of every day life of many. The slightest of imbalance within nature's cycles can affect the weather conditions at a larger scale. It is better to be prepared in advance to face any discomfort caused by weather hazards later. Here are some of the most common weather tips that could be helpful in case of possible mishaps caused due to severe climatic conditions.

One of the most common bad weather conditions is a Thunderstorm. If the area that you live in is susceptible to thunderstorms it is advisable to check the latest weather forecast before starting any journey outdoors. Normally weather warnings are issued on a county basis. To be on a safer side make sure you carry a portable radio (preferably a NOAA weather radio) along with you to keep yourself updated with the latest weather warnings and news in your city. Thunder is followed by lightning so take refuge immediately to avoid getting struck by it. While taking refuge avoid trees or any old vintage cars instead opt for more robust strong shelter just like a concrete building. When a thunderstorm strikes stay away from water. Water can turn out to be very dangerous at the time of a storm as it can pull anything that comes its way at this time. Power fluctuations would be a common sign a thunderstorm strikes any place. Anything that is running on electricity must be switched off if not required temporarily. It is sensible to stay higher from ground and away from water to avoid getting caught up with possible after effects of storms such as floods.

There are a few precautions that can help to fight back the ill effects of floods. In the first place avoid settling in areas that are frequently affected by flood. If you are stuck midway due to flood don't drive further through flooded roads as you can never judge the depth of water as you progress ahead with the road. If you are forced to stay within flood affected regions you must take care of the intake of food and water. Do not use the water for cooking or drinking unless you boil it. It is best to eat the food provided by volunteer groups like The Red Cross as they are free from any contamination. For insurance purposes you may even keep the records well intact that may be required for the legal procedures later.

Another severe weather situation is a fully developed Tornado. Tornadoes can be defined as a particular bad weather condition where in strong air currents take the shape of a funnel creating massive destruction wherever it spreads. These tornadoes are powerful enough to attract anything possible that comes its way hence you must not leave any loose objects outdoors if the possibility of a tornado is strong. When a tornado strikes the best place to take refuge is any area that is enclosed and not in open. Any area that is at ground level is ideal for refuge from tornadoes. Stay away from windows as they may get crashed by tornadoes and broken glass could be fatal. Any depression in the ground can make a good hide out at the time of a tornado.

Mishaps are a part and parcel of everyday life. It is necessary to keep your cool and stay alert at the time of weather hazards. Presence of mind and the right information can help you survive from such deadly weather conditions.


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