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Meteorology is based on the scientific observations of the atmospheric changes within the earth due to interactions of various life forms surviving on it. The atmospheric changes comprises of a wide range of phenomenal changes that occur within the earth's surface right from the strongest of tornadoes to a mild change in sea currents. The study of meteorology makes it feasible for human beings to predict the possible climatic changes or behavioral pattern of weather atleast for a few days ahead of time. These predictions can be put to good use for planning certain activities which are completely dependent on weather conditions.

The people behind carrying out all these extensive and detailed observations are known as Meteorologists. They are the people who bring us the news of all the likely weather forecast for a particular time of the day. Not all meteorologists perform the same task of observing climatic changes. Some of them need to face the camera to communicate the latest weather forecast to a huge number of people watching on television. You will require being an extrovert to confidently convey the weather forecast through medium of television.

Meteorologists are basically scientists who study the slightest changes in the atmosphere to predict the climate and weather trends. The National Weather Service provides the maximum employment opportunities for budding meteorologists around the world. Other than predicting weather for News Agencies these meteorologists also have an active role within corporate business houses where certain business decisions are largely affected by climatic conditions around them. Others indulge themselves in detailed observations and research work associated with weather conditions encompassing them.

You would require having a sound knowledge of computers to understand the methodologies needed to compile a meteorological report. The study involves the usage of complex mathematical representations to interpret weather information like temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. Without a thorough knowledge of mathematics, drawing conclusions to derive exact figures for meteorological predictions would be impossible. This profession involves use of modern technological instruments to observe weather readings. Science forms the base for the study of meteorology. If you have certain knowledge of oceanography that would be an added skill to help you perform better.

Nowadays a good number of business sectors need the assistance of meteorologists to help them take important business decisions that rely largely on weather conditions. Meteorologists are slowly gaining importance due to their demand in various sectors. Gone are the days when meteorologists were just meant to predict weather. Areas like horticulture and food industries require consulting meteorologists on a regular basis for planning their business development moves.

The industries that require meteorological assistance are ones that supply gas and electricity. Also companies supplying oil and water need them. Other employment opportunities for meteorology graduates are from educational institutions that have vacancies for a teachers post for the subjects concerning meteorology. You may even approach international broadcasting News Agencies that provide job openings for budding and enthusiastic weather forecasting individuals having good communicating skills.


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